Hot tap water

  • How to check and lower the tap water temperature in your home.
  • Water temperature for health and cleaning concerns.

Sources for our NTDSW statistics

Below are a list of the statistics used in the National Teen Driver Safety Week 2019 materials and their sources. “Youth represent the largest number of drivers who test positive for drugs after a fatal crash”Government of Canada. (2019 Jan). Drug-impaired driving. Retrieved from “32 per cent of fatally injured drivers aged 16 to […]

Play time

Safety tips for toys, baby walkers and stationary activity centres

Road safety

Prevent motor vehicle collisions by reducing your driving speed, adopting best driving practices and managing distractions.

Vision Zero

This international traffic safety movement envisions zero death and serious injuries on our roads. Parachute is Canada’s national lead, supporting local efforts.

Parts of cars and car seats

Learn what the important parts of a car seat are and to what parts of the car it attaches.


National Teen Driver Safety Week

During the third full week of October, we run an awareness week to raise teen driver safety issues and encourage communities to work with youth to prevent dangerous behaviours.

Choosing the right car seat

Should your child be using a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, booster seats or just using seatbelt? Find out which is the right car seat for your child and watch the video guides on how to install them.


Cycling is a healthy way to travel and injury risk lessens when roads are built to protect cyclists and vehicle speed limits lowered. Read also safety tips and best practices for cyclists of all ages.

Pedestrian safety

What you can do to teach children about crossing the street safely and how to determine when they can cross streets safely by themselves.