All-terrain vehicles

ATVs cause more permanent disabilities and death than most other sport or recreational activities. Here are our safety tips for ATV operation.

Burns and scalds

Safety tips to prevent burns and scalds in your home, including reducing tap water temperature and installing smoke alarms.

Car seats

How to keep your child safe while travelling in a motor vehicle or other modes of transportation, including how to choose the right car seat.


Learn about common choking hazards for children and see our tips to prevent your child from choking, and further tips for preventing choking in older adults.



Learn the basics about concussion: What it is, the the signs and symptoms, what should you do if you suspect a concussion, and how to treat it.


Cycling is a healthy way to travel and injury risk lessens when roads are built to protect cyclists and vehicle speed limits lowered. Read also safety tips and best practices for cyclists of all ages.


Drowning prevention tips for parents to keep children safe in bathtubs, backyard pools and play parks and water features.

Falls in children

Most fall-related injuries to children under five happen in the home. Here’s how to keep your kids safe from falls in the home.

Falls in seniors

Key strategies and resources to help older adults prevent falls and the importance of fall prevention with Canada’s aging population.

Halloween safety

Safety tips for parents, caregivers and drivers to keep Halloween night a safe night for all.


Learn about proper helmet fitting and replacements, which helmets are safe to use and which helmets to use for which activity.

Home safety

Key safety tips for parents on keeping your child safe around the house, at bed time, at play time and around electricity.

Pedestrian safety

What you can do to teach children about crossing the street safely and how to determine when they can cross streets safely by themselves.

Playgrounds and play spaces

Safety features and hazards to look out for in playgrounds, safety concerns about trampolines and benefits of unstructured outdoor play and risky play.


Make your home a poison-free zone: learn how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and child poisoning from medications and recreational drugs such as cannabis, as well household products and personal care products.

Product safety

Learn about consumer product and child safety in Canada, including the regulation of window blind and curtain cords, BPA, lead and pesticides.

Rail safety

Learn how to stay safe around railway tracks: see our tip sheets for kids, teens and parents.

Road safety

Prevent motor vehicle collisions by reducing your driving speed, adopting best driving practices and managing distractions.

Strangulation and suffocation

Safety tips for parents to prevent strangulation and suffocation in children around the house.

Summer sports and recreation

Safety tips for baseball, boating and sailing, camping and hiking, diving, football, horseback riding, in-line skating, skateboarding, soccer and swimming.

Vacation safety

Going on vacation? Check out our safety tips for travelling to both cold and warm weather destinations, and for travelling with children.

Winter holidays

Safety tips to keep in mind during the winter holidays when we add candles, Christmas trees, potentially dangerous plants, fireplaces, holiday lights, entertaining and travel into our lives.

Winter outdoor safety

Learn about safe weather for children, how to prevent frostbites and how to tell whether or not ice is safe to go on.

Winter sports and recreation

Learn about how to enjoy winter by participating safely in ice hockey, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding, sledding and tobogganing, and snowmobiling.