Congratulations to our three winners, from Ontario and Québec, selected from our 2023 contest.

The 2023 Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard Contest drew 210 nominations for 40 crossing guards from six provinces. Each winning guard received $500, as did each of their schools. The winners are:

Jenelle Kunkel, St. Clement Catholic School, Etobicoke, Ontario

Jenelle works at a busy urban crossing over four lanes of traffic. One nominator says that Jenelle “has taken the initiative and addressed the multiple traffic infractions with the local police. She has had community police offers attend the intersection to witness the poor driving habits of some of the motorists, so they can assist in forming a plan to make our intersection safer. If that isn’t going above and beyond the call of duty, I don’t know what is.” One of the school’s students wrote that Jenelle’s “kindness shines every day! She plays great music and she plays happy birthday on kids’ birthdays to make them feel special.”

Louise Leduc, École Sainte-Marie, Chambly, Québec

Louise has served as a crossing guard in Chambly for more than 40 years and her nomination says that she has served generations within the same families. She is noted for her “sympathetic ear” and being a confidante to the children she protects. She is a mentor to a team of 19 other crossing guards who work in the same area: one of newest team members says that Louise’s example motivates her to give the best of herself in her new role as a crossing guard.

Tammy Nugent, Park Lawn Junior Middle School, Toronto

One nominator describes Tammy as “the gold standard when it comes to being a responsible, caring, willing to physically out herself between kids and danger crossing guard. She knows all of us, knows the kids who are late and waits for them, shows up extra early if there is a sports team try out and has treats for every dog in the neighbourhood.” Says another nominator: “Tammy talks to everyone who passes by and she immerses herself in our community. When she learned of our school’s biggest fundraising event, Tammy volunteered and helped at the BBQ.” 

2023 contest judges

  • Pamela Fuselli, President and CEO, Parachute, Ontario
  • Jessica Reid, teacher and social media influencer, Ontario
  • Julie Houle, TVA Host, Québec
  • Richard Louis, Injury Prevention Co-ordinator, NB Trauma Program, New Brunswick
  • Stéphanie Fournier, Vice-President Omnichannel Member/Client Journeys Division, Desjardins General Insurance Group, Québec

History of Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard contest

Parachute, Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention, launched Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard Contest in 2005 to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of dynamic crossing guards who help keep our children safe.

To date, Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard Contest has honoured 51 crossing guards nationwide.