The Parachute Smart Hockey program is designed to keep hockey players safe and prevent brain injuries on the ice. It guides teams through important concussion information, helps them integrate concussion tools and resources and supports hockey communities to prevent, recognize and manage concussions.

Safety in hockey is a shared responsibility. This program helps keep our players safe so they can enjoy playing hockey for life. Make concussion education a priority this season and encourage your team to play Smart Hockey.

What the Smart Hockey program provides

  • Educational guides for coaches, trainers, safety personnel, hockey players and parents/guardians to help prevent, recognize and manage concussion
  • Help for coaches to incorporate concussion education into their pre-season meetings
  • Resources for recognizing and responding to concussion (e.g., Concussion Recognition Tool)
  • Resources for players and parents on how to manage concussion and return to hockey safely, including the Return-to-Sport Strategy and Personal Concussion Record for Players
  • Tools to help create a concussion-safe environment for hockey players
  • Promotion for player safety and encouragement for everyone to play Smart Hockey.

These resources are based on the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport and were developed in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada. The Smart Hockey Concussion Kit complements the existing concussion programming of Hockey Canada.

Sport organizations in Ontario have unique requirements under Rowan’s Law. Consult with your sport governing body for more information.