Parachute Safe Kids Week is an annual awareness campaign designed to bring attention to predictable and preventable injuries in children. Parachute celebrates Safe Kids Week June 3 to June 9, 2024, this year with the theme of consumer product safety. 

Children live in a world that is built for adults. As a result, they can be exposed to hazards that cause serious injury and even death. Parents expect the products they have in their home to be safe – so we’ll tell you what’s #SafeForYourKids.

The term “consumer products” encompass a large number of products in Canada, so Safe Kids Week 2024 will focus on the basics of consumer product safety: for example, did you know that not all products available for purchase in Canada have been tested for safety?

Safe Kids Week 2024 will look at some products made specifically for children – for example, cribs and toys. We’ll also provide safety tips on other products in the home that adults or siblings use – such as button batteries and window blinds – that can be hazardous to little children.