National Teen Driver Safety Week

During the third full week of October, we run an awareness week to raise teen driver safety issues and encourage communities to work with youth to prevent dangerous behaviours.

Alcohol and Drug Use among Fatally Injured Teen Drivers (2015)

In this fact sheet, The Traffic Injury Research Foundation analyzes the trends of alcohol and drug use in fatally injured teen drivers from 2000 to 2012. The fact sheet outlines the statistics of fatally injured teen drivers that tested positive for drugs and alcohol by age, sex and temporal factors (weekday versus weekend collisions).

Walking School Bus Guide, Ottawa Student Transportation Authority

This guide from the Ottawa Student Transportation authority outlines how to set up a walking school bus in your community.

Teen beliefs about cannabis and driving

Based on a qualitative study by CCSA, this infographic features teen beliefs along with the facts to examine what common misconceptions are held by Canadian youth about cannabis and its harms.

Sample internal email to staff: Student diagnosed with concussion

A sample email to send to school staff about accommodations for students returning to school following a concussion.

Teen pedestrian safety infographic

With the support of FedEx, Parachute conducted a poll of Canadian teenagers in 2014 to better understand the habits and experiences associated with distracted walking and pedestrian safety for teens. The results are captured in this infographic.


Collision avoidance technologies Positive and negative driving effects associated with common collision avoidance technologies. Vision Zero calls for safer car designs and technologies to improve road safety. Collision avoidance systems are a technology that can help drivers to avoid hazards; but their effectiveness depends partly on driver behaviour. Forward collision warning Positive effect: 50 per […]


Sources for our NTDSW statistics

Below are a list of the statistics used in the National Teen Driver Safety Week 2019 materials and their sources. “Youth represent the largest number of drivers who test positive for drugs after a fatal crash”Government of Canada. (2019 Jan). Drug-impaired driving. Retrieved from https://www.canada.ca/en/services/policing/police/community-safety-policing/impaired-driving/drug-impaired-driving.html. “32 per cent of fatally injured drivers aged 16 to […]

Brain Waves

Trained volunteers across Canada deliver this free, informative and fun half-day neuroscience presentation for students in grades 4 to 6. Many run in March, which is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Parents and teen drivers disconnected on graduated licensing

State Farm Canada has issued a news release illustrating a disconnect between Canadian teens and their parents on graduated driver licensing. Parachute is partnering with State Farm to establish a National Teen Driver Safety Week.