Unstructured outdoor play and risky play

Benefits to your child engaging in unstructured outdoor play and risky play.

Playgrounds and play spaces

Safety features and hazards to look out for in playgrounds, safety concerns about trampolines and benefits of unstructured outdoor play and risky play.


Your ERS leadership team

A variety of stakeholders must be involved to make your Elementary Road Safety (ERS) project a success. The lead stakeholder is typically a school committee driving the idea of change, together with local government, planners and enforcement representatives who have the power to implement change.  Ideally, each ERS leadership team should leverage an existing committee […]

Play parks and water features

How to help prevent drowning and other injuries from occurring on splash pads, wading pools, ponds, fountains and other water features.

Summer sports and recreation

Safety tips for baseball, boating and sailing, camping and hiking, diving, football, horseback riding, in-line skating, skateboarding, soccer and swimming.

Winter sports and recreation

Learn about how to enjoy winter by participating safely in ice hockey, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding, sledding and tobogganing, and snowmobiling.

Play time

Safety tips for toys, baby walkers and stationary activity centres

"We Play Smart Hockey" sign guide

Encourage your team and all those involved with the team to publicly take a Smart Hockey pledge by posing with the “We Play Smart Hockey” sign. With permission, post this picture to your team and/or league’s website and social media channels using the hashtag #PlaySmartHockey.

Children's unstructured play – Canadian Public Health Association position statement (2019)

The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) recognizes unstructured play as a child’s right and a critical component to child and youth health and well-being. Actions are necessary to reduce the barriers limiting opportunities for unstructured play at school and in the community. CPHA commends those school boards, municipalities, other governments and non- governmental organizations that are taking positive steps to improve children’s access to unstructured play; however, further steps are needed.

Pre-season concussion education team meeting guide

Use this guide to host an educational team meeting with players and their families at the beginning of the hockey season and at any time throughout the year.