Parachute’s podcast, Popping the Bubble Wrap, is focused on the “household safety officer”: the person in a family who worries about safety.

Hosted by Parachute’s President and CEO Pamela Fuselli, each episode in our first season features a roundtable of parents who talk about an injury topic they worry about. Both they and the listeners learn more – like why it’s so damn difficult to install a car seat correctly!

The approach is informal, chatty and humourous. After the parents’ conversation, an expert joins Pamela to discuss what they heard, dispelling myths and giving advice or answering questions the parents may have.

We’ve rounded up fantastic parents from coast-to-coast in Canada who have interesting stories to share. We also invite parents who listen to the podcast to share their questions with us by phone or email: 647-776-5123 or

Popping the Bubble Wrap can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts such as Apple or Spotify.Make sure to use the hashtag #PoppingTheBubbleWrap when you share the podcast with others on social media. A new episode was released every second Thursday, starting Sept. 8, 2022, and we released season 1’s last episode on June 1, 2023.

Episode guide

EpisodeRelease dateLink
No bubble wrap!Sept. 8, 2022Listen now
Worst advice your mother gave youSept. 22, 2022Listen now
Risk and rewardOct. 6, 2022Listen now
Are we safe yet?Oct. 20, 2022Listen now
Fall proof your homeNov. 3, 2022Listen now
Why are car seats so complicated?Nov. 17 2022Listen now
Holidays don’t have to be hazardousDec. 1, 2022Listen now
Do cannabis and parenting mix?Jan. 12, 2023Listen now
Concussion: It’s not all in your headJan. 26, 2023Listen now
Hot tips for cool kidsFeb. 9, 2023Listen now
30 is the new 50Feb. 23, 2023Listen now
What do mouthwash and daffodils have in common?March 9, 2023Listen now
Breathe easyMarch 23, 2023Listen now
Ride Safe, Ride On: Kids and ATVsApril 6, 2023Listen now
How did they get old enough to drive?April 20, 2023Listen now
Water safety? Don’t wing it!May 4, 2023Listen now
Perfect places to playMay 18, 2023Listen now
One mom’s quest for safer car seat rulesJune 1, 2023Listen now