Do this activity to collect information about dangerous driver and pedestrian behaviours around the school during morning drop-off time.

This checklist will be used again after interventions are implemented in the school zone to determine if there was an improvement: that is, do we now see less dangerous driving behaviour around the school. 

When to use this checklist

  • Perform the first Driver and Pedestrian Safety Checklist in the fall on a good weather day and when no special events are scheduled (e.g., bike to school week).
  • The following year, do a follow-up checklist on roughly the same day with similar good weather conditions after all interventions and physical changes have been made to the roads surrounding the school. 

How to use this checklist

  • You will need two observers standing on opposite sides of the school (e.g., one near a parking lot and one near the front of the school).
  • Complete the check over a 20-minute period – 15 minutes before the bell rings and five minutes after.
  • Each observer will fill in whether they saw each behaviour at least once at the school. Note: this is not a count of how many times the behaviour was seen but only a yes/no indicator of whether the behaviour was seen at least once. 
  • Once the observers have completed their checklists, they should combine their observations to determine which behaviours were seen at that school.