Use this tool to collect information about the physical features of each road that borders the school.

This information will help you decide what new features to add to the area to improve safety for children travelling to and from school. 

When to use this tool

  • Perform the first site audit before you make any physical changes to the area surrounding the school (e.g., putting in new signs or changing speed limits).
  • Do a followup site audit once all interventions/physical changes have been made to the roads surrounding the school. 

How to complete your site audit

  • Identify the audit area. It should include the roadways that immediately surround the school.
  • Depending on how many roads border the school, you will need approximately three observers to collect site audit information.
  • Give each observer one roadway to audit. Walk from one end of the roadway to the other and, using the form, check off any of the features you see.
  • If the audit is being done by one person, it will take longer to complete.

Example of an audit area around a school