These International Classification of Disease (ICD) Codes are used to document injury causes.

Unintentional injuries

Transport incidents: V01-V09, V10-V19, V20-V29, V30-V39, V40-V79, V80-V85, V86, V87-V89, V91, V93-V99

  • Transport incidents – Pedestrian V01-V09
  • Transport incidents – Pedal Cycle V10-V19
  • Transport incidents – Motor Vehicle (includes motorcycle, car, bus, truck) V20-V29, V40-V79
  • Transport incidents – ATV, Snowmobile V30-V39, V86
  • Transport incidents – Other V80-V85, V87-V89, V91, V93-V99
    • Other land transport V80-V85
    • Unknown or unspecified mode of transport V87-V89
    • Watercraft (injury other than drowning) V91, V93-V94
    • Air and space transport V95-V97
    • Other and unspecified transport V98-V99

Falls W00-W19

  • Falls – On the same level W00-W01
  • Falls – From skates, skis, boards, blades W02
  • Falls – From furniture W06-W08
  • Falls – In playgrounds W09
  • Falls – On stairs W10
  • Falls – From ladders/scaffolding W11-W12
  • Falls – Other W03-W05, W13-W15, W16, W17-W19
  • On same level due to collision with, or pushing by, another person W03
  • While being carried or supported by other persons W04
  • Involving wheelchair and other types of walking devices W05
  • From, out of or through building or structure W13
  • From tree W14
  • From cliff W15
  • Diving or jumping into water (injury other than drowning) W16
  • Other and unspecified falls W17-W19

Drowning V90, V92, W65-W74

Fire/burns X00-X19

Unintentional poisoning X40-X49 Struck by/against sports equipment W21

Other unintentional injuries W20, W22-W64, W75-W99, X20-X39, X50, X58, X59

  • Struck by thrown, projected, or falling object (e.g., falling tree branch) W20
  • Other exposure to inanimate mechanical forces (e.g., contact with broken glass) W22-W49
  • Exposure to animate mechanical forces (e.g., bitten or struck by dog) W50-W64
  • Other unintentional threats to breathing (e.g., choking on food) W75-W84
  • Exposure to electric current, radiation and extreme ambient air temperature and pressure W85-W99
  • Contact with venomous animals and plants X20-X29
  • Exposure to forces of nature (e.g., lightning) X30-X39
  • Overexertion and strenuous or repetitive movements (e.g., lifting heavy objects) X50
  • Unintentional exposure to other and unspecified factors (e.g., unspecified cause of fracture) X58-X59

Inflicted injuries

Suicide/self-harm X60-X84

Violence X85-X99, Y00-Y09

Undetermined intent/other injuries

Undetermined intent Y10-Y34

Other Y35-Y36

  • Legal intervention Y35
  • Operations of war Y36