Safety Measures for Cyclists and Pedestrians around Heavy Vehicles (2018)

This summary report captures a series of safety measures and supporting evidence designed to protect both vulnerable road users and heavy vehicle drivers and reduce conflicts and the resulting fatalities and injuries.


Pace Car

Find out about the Parachute Pace Car program, which is focused on raising awareness around speed reduction in the community.

Pedestrian safety

What you can do to teach children about crossing the street safely and how to determine when they can cross streets safely by themselves.

Road safety

Prevent motor vehicle collisions by reducing your driving speed, adopting best driving practices and managing distractions.


Cycling is a healthy way to travel and injury risk lessens when roads are built to protect cyclists and vehicle speed limits lowered. Read also safety tips and best practices for cyclists of all ages.


Collision avoidance technologies Positive and negative driving effects associated with common collision avoidance technologies. Vision Zero calls for safer car designs and technologies to improve road safety. Collision avoidance systems are a technology that can help drivers to avoid hazards; but their effectiveness depends partly on driver behaviour. Forward collision warning Positive effect: 50 per […]



Parachute advocates for policies and regulations to reduce serious injury and death. Current focuses: booster seats, carbon monoxide alarms, concussion, cycling helmets, driving speed, off-highway vehicles, poison, and pool fencing.

Vision Zero

This international traffic safety movement envisions zero death and serious injuries on our roads. Parachute is Canada’s national lead, supporting local efforts.

Walk This Way

This year-round program aims to reduce child pedestrian injuries and deaths, while encouraging healthy and active living, through local activities and awareness campaigns.

In-line skating

Children are most likely to get hurt because they are just learning to skate, going too fast, skating near cars and traffic or not using safety gear. Safety tips Recognize that injuries are particularly common in novice in-line skaters, roller hockey players and those performing tricks.  Do not attempt tricks if you are inexperienced.  “Truck-surfing”, […]