Hospitalizations associated with drowning in Canada: A focus on infants, children and youth (2014)

This Spring 2014 edition of the Canada Injury Compass emphasizes the message that safety around water is paramount with vulnerable populations like infants, children and youth. The report highlights incidence of drowning in Canada between 2006-2010 and recommends preventative strategies to reduce injuries and prevent fatalities.

Drowning-related ED visits in Ontario: A focus on infants, children and youth (2014)

Drowning is an important issue for Ontario residents as we move into the summer months. This issue looks at ED visits associated with drowning, and discusses important prevention strategies such as improved legislation for pool fencing, lifejackets, adult supervision, CPR, and swimming lessons.

Bed time

Safety considerations for cribs, bunkbeds and sleepwear.

Choosing the right car seat

Should your child be using a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, booster seats or just using seatbelt? Find out which is the right car seat for your child and watch the video guides on how to install them.


Falls in children

Most fall-related injuries to children under five happen in the home. Here’s how to keep your kids safe from falls in the home.

Play time

Safety tips for toys, baby walkers and stationary activity centres

Lifejackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs)

Key safety information about picking and using lifejackets for you and your child.

Other ways to travel

How to safely transport your child on school buses, airplanes, taxis, ride shares and motor homes.

Strangulation and suffocation

Safety tips for parents to prevent strangulation and suffocation in children around the house.

Booster seat legislation

Issue: Child passenger safety Motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of injury-related death for Canadian children. Action must be taken to reduce the risk of crashes. Steps must also be taken to reduce the risk of injury when a crash occurs. Car crashes kill more children than any other cause of injury in Canada. […]