Helmets for bicycles, skateboarding, inline skating, scooter riding

Bike helmets can also be used for inline skating and scooter riding. Skateboarding has a different, special helmet. Using bicycle helmets reduces head injuries by more than 40 per cent, serious head injuries by 60 per cent, and traumatic brain injury by 53 per cent. Helmet use reduces the total number of killed or seriously […]

Helmets for winter activities

Helmet fitting Ski and snowboard helmets should rest two fingers’ width above the eyebrow and the helmet should be snug and comfortable, with only one finger width under the chinstrap. The helmet pads should touch the cheeks and the forehead, and the helmet back should not touch the nape of the neck.  If wearing goggles, […]

Cycling helmet legislation

Issue: Head injuries Head injuries are the leading cause of severe injury and injury-related deaths to children on bicycles. Problem: Low helmet use Research shows that a properly fitted helmet can decrease the risk of serious head injury by over 80 per cent. This means four out of five head injuries could be prevented if […]



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New helmet safety campaign launching in 10 Canadian high schools - Diefenbaker

Helmet campaign launched at John Diefenbaker school