This information hub provides training resources for Brain Waves volunteer presenters across Canada. You’ll learn how to teach about brain neuroscience, geared to youth ages 9 to 12. We offer a series of how-to videos on being a Brain Waves presenter, including demonstrations of our popular Brain Waves activities such as “taste-bud mapping” and “helmet fitting”, plus many more resources.

A note that we recommend creating a Jell-O brain to bring to the presentation so the students can feel and understand the brain’s shape and vulnerability. You can buy a Jell-O brain mold at your local Hallowe’en store or order online: search for “Zombie brain mold.” Use a red or orange-coloured gelatin and substitute evaporated milk for the cold water quantity listed in the recipe to make the final product opaque in appearance.

Watch this introductory video with tips on presenting Parachute Brain Waves and information on materials you need to prepare in advance. This is the first of eight how-to training videos that, together, prepare you to successfully deliver the Brain Waves curriculum: You can find all of them, and accompanying tip sheets, in the Resource Library.