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Desjardins Insurance has been a partner in road safety with Parachute for more than 15 years. Desjardins and Parachute have been working together to change public perceptions and actions, and advocate for Vision Zero road safety initiatives across Canada that use a Safe Systems Approach to reduce conflicts and make mobility safer for all users. Vision Zero is a multi-national traffic safety initiative that is reinventing traditional approaches to traffic safety, based on the philosophy that no one should be killed or seriously injured in the road transport system. Vision Zero is based on an approach of shared responsibilities among all those involved in the road system – politicians, planners, vehicle manufacturing companies and all road users alike. Desjardins has supported Parachute in the development of key resources to support road safety stakeholders needs. Our popular Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard Contest has been sponsored by Desjardins since 2022, and it was promoted and attended by Desjardins agents in their communities. 

Desjardins also supports Parachute’s annual National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW), an awareness campaign designed to make the public aware of teen driver safety issues and encourage communities to be part of the solution. NTDSW provides the tools to take this important messaging to the community. Our toolkit allows people to prioritize teen driver safety issues in their communities, engage people in the conversation about teen driver safety, and create change around this big issue. In 2023, with a vision for investing in the future, Desjardins supported Parachute in the launch of the Youth Road Safety Grant Program to fund the activation of youth-crated and driven local activities across Canada.