Safety tips Always supervise children near water. Every swimmer should be with a buddy or supervised, and this applies to pools, lakes and rivers. . Check the weather and water conditions, especially in rivers and lakes. Learn to swim and tread water. Learn lifesaving skills (first aid and lifesaving courses). Put secure, four-sided fencing and […]


Drowning prevention tips for parents to keep children safe in bathtubs, backyard pools and play parks and water features.

Pool fencing legislation

Issue: Drowning in swimming pools Drowning is the second-leading cause of injury-related death to Canadian children. Nearly half of all drownings and near-drowning incidents for children 14 years of age and under occur in swimming pools. Problem: Current legislative status Pools without proper fencing are a particular hazard for children under five years of age. […]

Vacation safety

Going on vacation? Check out our safety tips for travelling to both cold and warm weather destinations, and for travelling with children.

Backyard pools

Reduce the risk of your child drowning in a backyard pool though pool fencing and safety equipment.


Diving injuries account for 10 per cent of all admissions to spinal injury units in Australia, nine per cent in the United States and 10 per cent in Toronto-area hospitals. Research indicates that diving is the most common cause of spinal injury among all the sports and recreational activities in Ontario, and snowmobiling is the […]

Summer sports and recreation

Safety tips for baseball, boating and sailing, camping and hiking, diving, football, horseback riding, in-line skating, skateboarding, soccer and swimming.

Before you think only other swimmers drown, have a word with yourself

During this National Drowning Prevention Week, the Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit along with the Community against Preventable Injuries (Preventable) and Parachute, are asking Ontarians to have a word with themselves before getting in the water.

Drowning-related ED visits in Ontario: A focus on infants, children and youth (2014)

Drowning is an important issue for Ontario residents as we move into the summer months. This issue looks at ED visits associated with drowning, and discusses important prevention strategies such as improved legislation for pool fencing, lifejackets, adult supervision, CPR, and swimming lessons.

Growing numbers of Canadians working to create Safe Communities

Sixth annual National Report Card Survey released to mark Safe Communities Day 2013.