Falls in seniors

Key strategies and resources to help older adults prevent falls and the importance of fall prevention with Canada’s aging population.


Seniors' falls collection

Find resources here on advocacy, public policy, programs and initiatives, data and research, training and guidelines, as well as falls-prevention tools for seniors to use and access to professional networks.

Tools for seniors

Check out this section if you work directly with seniors and want tools to share with them.

Seniors' Fall Prevention and the Social Determinants of Health: A Social Policy Lens (2019)

Produced by the Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention (ACIP), this document:

  • Provides background information on fall-related injuries among seniors;
  • Highlights the social determinants of health and the evidence linking them to seniors’ fall prevention;
  • Discusses activities that seek to address the social determinants of health in preventing falls among seniors; and, lastly,
  • Highlights current seniors’ fall prevention initiatives by each Atlantic province and provides examples of social policies that could enhance and/or complement seniors’ fall prevention efforts.

Maintaining Seniors' Independence Through Home Adaptations: A Self-Assessment Guide (2009)

Designed for seniors, this large-print Guide identifies the types of difficulties seniors can experience in the home and describes adaptations to overcome these difficulties. This Guide helps seniors assess their own unique circumstances including using stairs, moving around the house, doing laundry and answering the door.
Developed by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Bruno and Alice: A Love Story in Twelve Parts About Seniors and Safety

This series of twelve illustrated stories follows the whimsical romance of two active seniors who, through lack of prevention, end up in awkward situations and almost miss their rendez-vous with love. The stories offer insight into some of the personal preventive measures seniors can take to make their environment safer and prevent injuries.

Seniors' Falls in Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada displays key statistics about seniors falls in this infographic.

Seniors' Falls in Canada (Second report, 2014)

This report provides policy makers, researchers, community programmers and practitioners with current national information to prevent falls among seniors.

The Safe Living Guide – A Guide to Home Safety for Seniors

Through this guide, the Public Health Agency of Canada provides advice on how to prevent injuries by keeping your home, yourself and your environment as safe as you can. Checklists allow you to verify and increase the safety of your surroundings and lifestyle, and real-life stories offer testimony to the value of adapting.