Cycling is a healthy way to travel and injury risk lessens when roads are built to protect cyclists and vehicle speed limits lowered. Read also safety tips and best practices for cyclists of all ages.

Cycling helmet legislation

Issue: Head injuries Head injuries are the leading cause of severe injury and injury-related deaths to children on bicycles. Problem: Low helmet use Research shows that a properly fitted helmet can decrease the risk of serious head injury by over 80 per cent. This means four out of five head injuries could be prevented if […]

Cycling Canadian legislation chart

This chart outlines bike helmet legislation, required use of lights/reflectors at night, required use of bells/horns, “dooring” legislation and minimum passing distance by province/territory.

Pedestrian and Cycling Safety in Toronto (2015)

Developed by Toronto PublIc Health, this report describes the health impacts of collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists in Toronto and studies Toronto-specific data to identify risk factors for collisions that result in pedestrian and cyclist injury.


Pace Car

Find out about the Parachute Pace Car program, which is focused on raising awareness around speed reduction in the community.

Child carriers and trailers

Child carriers and trailers for bikes can introduce your child to the joys of bike riding, but it’s important to know the potential risks. Injuries can happen with both products but bike trailers are considered somewhat safer because children are lower to the ground and have less of a distance to fall in a crash. […]


Soccer is the sport of choice for Canadian boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 14. For many years, it has ranked as the No. 1 sport activity for children engaging regularly in sport. Safety tips Learn the proper technique of heading a soccer ball. The age at which heading can safely be […]

Vision Zero Conference Stockholm

Valerie Smith, Director of Solutions at Parachute, had a great opportunity to attend the International Vision Zero Conference in Stockholm, Sweden June 14-15.

New helmet safety campaign launching in 10 Canadian high schools - Diefenbaker

Helmet campaign launched at John Diefenbaker school