Texting While Driving Behaviour among Ontario Youth and Young Adults (2015)

Developed by Pubic Health Ontario, this technical report examines the prevalence, motives and types of texting while driving behaviour among a sample of Ontario youth and young adults ages 16 to 24. This report presents findings from an online survey of 2,000 Ontario residents, aged 16-24.

Some of the objectives of the study were to:

  • Uncover the prevalence and predictors associated with texting while driving among Ontario youth and young adults.
  • Understand Ontario youth and young adults’ reasons and motives for engaging in texting while driving behaviour.

Fall-related head injuries in adults 65 and over (2015)

Using Ontario emergency department (ED) visit and hospital discharge data, this September 2015 issue of the Ontario Injury Compass discusses risk factors for fall-related head injuries in older adults, as well as evidence-based fall prevention practices.

Falls from ladders among Ontario adults (2015)

Using Ontario emergency department visit and hospital discharge data, this December 2015 issue of the Ontario Injury Compass presents injury data for ladder-related falls, with a focus on adults aged 45-64. It also highlights prevention strategies to address the issue.

Physical activity tips for older adults – Public Health Agency of Canada

The Government of Canada provides tips to get active and tips to help you get active.


Drowning prevention tips for parents to keep children safe in bathtubs, backyard pools and play parks and water features.


Safety tips to ensure children are not accidentally exposed to cannabis.



Parachute advocates for policies and regulations to reduce serious injury and death. Current focuses: booster seats, carbon monoxide alarms, concussion, cycling helmets, driving speed, off-highway vehicles, poison, and pool fencing.

Falls in seniors

Key strategies and resources to help older adults prevent falls and the importance of fall prevention with Canada’s aging population.


Cycling is a healthy way to travel and injury risk lessens when roads are built to protect cyclists and vehicle speed limits lowered. Read also safety tips and best practices for cyclists of all ages.