This guide is to help communities and partners use social media to support and promote Parachute Safe Kids Week 2024, an annual awareness campaign designed to bring attention to predictable and preventable injuries in children. This year our messaging will focus on consumer product safety.   

We encourage you to try and post every day during Safe Kids Week: June 3 to 9 2024, using the following hashtags:

Primary Hashtag: #SafeForYourKids                       
Secondary Hashtag: #SKW2024

Sample Tweets/Social Media Posts 

Below are sample posts you can use as tweets or as posts on other social media channels (X, Facebook, Instagram). You are also welcome and encouraged to come up with your own tweets and messages that make sense for your organization and your community. 

Please note that tweets can only be 280 characters in length (including links). We also encourage you to download and add these Safe Kids Week 2024 Social Media Images to your posts, to catch your readers’ eye. 

Sample Tweets/Posts to use before the start of Safe Kids Week 

  • Parachute’s 2024 Safe Kids Week is June 3 to 9! This year our messaging will focus on consumer product safety. Learn more at #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024           
  • Save the Date! This year’s Safe Kids Week is June 3 to 9! Check out to learn what’s #SafeForYourKids. #SKW2024           
  • Parachute celebrates Safe Kids Week June 3 to June 9, 2024, this year with the theme of consumer product safety. Learn more at #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024           

Sample Tweets/Posts to use during Safe Kids Week (June 3 to June 9, 2024) 

  • It’s #SKW2024! It’s estimated that almost half of injuries to children and youth up to age 19 are related to consumer products. Learn what’s #SafeForYourKids at 
  • Beyond the issues for specific products that parents need to know, there are some basics on consumer products that are important. Go to to learn consumer product safety basics and what’s #SafeForYourKids. #SKW2024           
  • Not all products that are sold in Canada have been tested for safety. Injuries from the use of consumer products are common, often serious, and sometimes fatal.  Learn more at #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024
  • Survey results show that most Canadians believe that, if a product is available for sale, it is safe or has been tested for safety. But this is not always the case in Canada, particularly for children’s products. Learn more at #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024
  • DYK there are products in Canada that do not have Canadian standards but buying those that meet the US standard is recommended, for example, bunk beds. Learn more at #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024           
  • Children’s toys and related products manufactured, imported, advertised or sold in Canada are subject to the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and the Toys Regulations. Learn what’s #SafeForYourKids at #SKW2024           
  • Anyone can report an incident involving a consumer product. The more people who report, the more it informs actions that can be taken, such as safety alerts and product recalls. #SafeForYourKids#SKW2024      
  • There are multiple ways to find out if a product has been recalled. Learn more at #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024

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  • Be cautious when buying, accepting, sharing or disposing of second-hand products. Learn how to buy and use second-hand products safely: #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024
  • Learn what’s #SafeForYourKids: check that the product is in good condition with no broken or missing parts; check for labels that will tell you what standard the product meets and the expiry date. #SKW2024           
  • Knowing the history of a second-hand product is important. For example, knowing whether a car seat has been in a crash is important as it may impact the way the car seat functions in future crashes. #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024
  • Be careful using after-market add-ons. For products that have a standard, they are tested in original condition, meaning that they are not tested with any after-market products that may affect the way the product functions. #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024
  • Not all products sold online or in other countries meet Canadian standards, or they may have been prohibited (banned) or recalled. Make sure it’s #SafeForYourKids before you buy it. #SKW2024
  • There are multiple ways to find out if a product has been recalled: The product manufacturer notification, the product distributor notification or on Health Canada’s website. #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024
  • Some products are made specifically for children, for example, cribs and toys, while other products are in the home for use by their parent(s) and siblings or for décor. Learn what’s #SafeForYourKids. #SafeForYourKids #SKW2024

Sample Tweets/Posts to use after Safe Kids Week 

  • Safe Kids Week has wrapped up, but #InjuryPrevention is important all year long! Visit @parachutecanada for info and tips: 
  • #SKW2024 was a success! Thanks to @ParachuteCanada for helping us raise awareness about consumer product safety and what’s #SafeForYourKids.  

Ask Our Advice 

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