Welcome to Parachute Vision Zero. This newly launched network will connect you to information and resources about Vision Zero. We’ll provide centralized access to initiatives here in Canada and around the world. We’ll also provide a variety of special reports, insight from guest writers and interesting forward thinking road safety content.

Parachute is a national charity helping Canadians stop the clock on predictable and preventable injuries. One of our main areas of injury focus is the impact of motor vehicle collisions. Our extensive work in this area led Parachute to believe that taking a Vision Zero approach to road safety is fundamental to changing the road environment, behaviour and ultimately reducing injuries and deaths.

We created Parachute Vision Zero in response to a need expressed by our stakeholders to provide a one-stop destination that provides the tools and resources to affect change in their area. We heard your concerns and have launched Parachute Vision Zero to meet your needs. Our goal is that with inspiration and evidence-based information, Vision Zero will help communities across Canada address road safety challenges with proven solutions.

Thank you to State Farm Canada for their lead sponsorship, which helped us create our Parachute Vision Zero. We are grateful for the support of State Farm Canada and all of our sponsors dedicated to Vision Zero.

Our vision is bold – a future where the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries is ZERO. A future where traffic related injuries are no longer an everyday occurrence. Safer roads, safer communities, long lives lived to the fullest.

We know it is possible. But, we need your help, support and collaboration. Join us and become a member of Parachute Vision Zero.

As a member, you’ll stay updated on Vision Zero efforts through our quarterly “Word on the Street” series featuring creative infographics, case studies and videos. You will also receive regular updates with the latest credible information. You’ll be part of a nation-wide group sharing ideas and best practices to permanently improve road safety. You’ll have access to interviews with leading experts from a variety of sectors. You’ll receive sharable resources that you can use in your communication materials and on social media to promote a Vision Zero approach.  You’ll be the first to know about events and activities including webinars and our annual Parachute Vision Zero Summit.

Join the national movement to improve road sharing and safety!

Thank you.