Falls in children

Most fall-related injuries to children under five happen in the home. Here’s how to keep your kids safe from falls in the home.

Help make back to school safer for Canadian children

TORONTO, Aug. 27, 2019 – As families across Canada prepare for back to school, all road users should remember that pedestrian injuries remain one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths for children 14 years of age and younger. While there has been a 43-per-cent decrease in the number of pedestrian fatalities in children up to […]

As cannabis becomes a legal drug in Canada, remember it can be poisonous to children

As cannabis becomes a legal drug for adults in Canada one week from today, Canada’s leading charity dedicated to injury prevention, along with the nation’s poison control centres, remind Canadians that this drug, just like alcohol and prescription drugs, can do serious harm to children and needs to be stored securely.

Fall-related injuries in young children 0-6 years (2017)

This November 2017 issue of the Ontario Injury Compass presents emergency department visit data for injuries related to falls for children aged 0-6. It also includes environmental and behavioral strategies for parents and caregivers to help prevent falls in young children.

Hospitalizations associated with drowning in Canada: A focus on infants, children and youth (2014)

This Spring 2014 edition of the Canada Injury Compass emphasizes the message that safety around water is paramount with vulnerable populations like infants, children and youth. The report highlights incidence of drowning in Canada between 2006-2010 and recommends preventative strategies to reduce injuries and prevent fatalities.

Bicycling-related ED visits in Ontario: A focus on children and youth (2015)

Using emergency department (ED) visit data for Ontario, this issue of the Ontario Injury Compass discusses characteristics of bicycle-related injuries in children and youth. The report also highlights evidence-informed prevention strategies for this injury issue.

The Walking School Bus and Children's Physical Activity: A Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (2011)

Through a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial, this study reports that a pilot walking school bus program improved children’s active community to school and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.

Halloween safety: Tips for parents, children and drivers

Download our tip sheet on Halloween safety for parents, children and drivers.

White Paper on the Prevention of Poisoning of Children in Canada (2011)

The white paper provides background about the poisoning problem in Canada, identify the key concepts, theories sources of evidence and gaps in knowledge relating to poisoning in Canada. Focus is placed on children as they are a population vulnerable to poisoning and have historically been the target for poisoning prevention interventions.

Summary Report #2 – Falls & Transport Injury Trends in Children 2004 and 2010

This is a compendium to the Cost of Injury in Canada Report, which analyzes fall and transport injuries in children using 2004 and 2010 injury data, focusing on mortalities, hospitalizations and emergency room visits. The findings from the compendium can be used by researchers, public health planners, practitioners and policy makers when designing and implementing injury prevention programs and services.