Choosing the right car seat

Should your child be using a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, booster seats or just using seatbelt? Find out which is the right car seat for your child and watch the video guides on how to install them.

Parts of cars and car seats

Learn what the important parts of a car seat are and to what parts of the car it attaches.

Child car safety

Read about things to consider to keep your child safe in motor vehicles:

  • Air bags
  • Add-on products
  • Back seat or front seat
  • Clothing in car seats
  • Leaving your child alone in the car
  • Sleeping in car seats

Booster seat legislation

Issue: Child passenger safety Motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of injury-related death for Canadian children. Action must be taken to reduce the risk of crashes. Steps must also be taken to reduce the risk of injury when a crash occurs. Car crashes kill more children than any other cause of injury in Canada. […]

Car seat and booster seat Canadian legislation chart

This chart outlines rear and forward facing car seat legislation for younger children and booster seat legislation for older children by province/territory.

Other ways to travel

How to safely transport your child on school buses, airplanes, taxis, ride shares and motor homes.

What you should know before buying a car seat or a booster seat

Watch this three-minute video for important information to consider before purchasing a car seat.

Guide to installing a booster seat

Watch this four-minute video to learn about when to transition your child from a forward-facing child car seat to a booster seat and when your child will be at the right growth stage to start using seat belts alone. Along with simple installation tips, demonstration and guidance, Dr. Andrew Howard talks about the importance of a booster seat in keeping your child safe.

Second hand/used car seats

Learn about the issues involved with used car seats.

Car seats

How to keep your child safe while travelling in a motor vehicle or other modes of transportation, including how to choose the right car seat.