My data – What is collected, for what purpose and how it is kept safe.

Canada’s Safest Driver gathers smartphone data from position and inertial sensors and measures driving quality. All the information of entrants collected in the App at the time of or after registration, all data produced during the contest, all anonymous aggregate data and other information collected or produced by or in the App is owned by Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT).  CMT will not provide the Contest Administrators with any data that identifies individual contestants except for the names and email addresses of potential prize winners in order to facilitate prize delivery.


  • Only collects and maintains the minimum amount of data necessary to provide the services CMT offers to this contest
  • Doesn’t sell any customer information
  • Doesn’t share customer information with third parties unless required by law
  • Only shares information to the Contest Administrators required to notify prize winners (i.e. user name and email address provided) 
  • Maintains physical, procedural and technological controls to protect customer information and to comply with international privacy laws and regulations.

See more details in the Canada’s Safest Driver contest rules.