Ottawa, Toronto, February 6, 2015 – The Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA) has released a voluntary guidance document for the labelling and packaging of liquid laundry detergent packets to help reduce the number of unintentional child exposures to the products.

The intent of the document is to provide guidance on best practices for the industry in the Canadian marketplace for the labelling, packaging and design of liquid laundry products that are used by Canadian consumers every day. It also reminds consumers to keep laundry detergents, including single-unit dose packets, secured and out of the reach of children. Like many other household products, CCSPA says detergents must be used as directed, and safely and properly stored.

The document builds on CCSPA’s ongoing efforts, with partners like Parachute, to educate consumers on the safe use of the products in the home. Included in the guidance is safety advice for consumers and care givers, which can be found at:

CCSPA members are 100% in agreement and aligned with the guidance and we are pleased that the private brand companies who make up the single use laundry detergent market are also in compliance with the voluntary measures.

“Consumer safety is the priority of CCSPA and our member companies and we are committed to the safe use of our products”, says Shannon Coombs, President, CCSPA. “I am pleased that this initiative is moving forward with the full support of our industry and other marketers of these products”.

“This issue has been of concern to us and we are pleased to see industry taking steps to reduce the exposure of these products to children”, says Louise Logan, Parachute’s CEO and President. “We all play a role in keeping children safe; and we remind parents to ensure all household products are properly stored – secured and out of reach.” Find household product safety tips for parents at Parachute.

CCSPA remind consumers that when using laundry detergents, including traditional forms and the single dose packets, to:

  • Keep laundry products out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Leave detergent products in their original container with the original label intact, close the packaging after each use, and immediately put them away in a secure location after use.
  • Handle unit-dose detergent packets with dry hands.
  • More information about using laundry detergents can be found at

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