The plan, endorsed by Parachute and the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals, supports the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

TORONTO, October 28, 2021 – Today marks the launch by the World Health Organization of the Global Road Safety Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The plan is a blueprint for achieving the 2030 target to halve road deaths and injuries.

Currently, 1.3 million people around the world die annually from road crashes. In Canada, close to 1,800 people die and nearly 24,000 will require hospitalization for transport injuries.

Parachute, in collaboration with our partner, the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP), recognizes that while some progress has been made on Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025, much work remains to be done. That is why both organizations are calling on all levels of governments and others to support the:

  • continued improvements in the design of roads and vehicles;
  • enhancement of laws and equitable law enforcement;
  • provision of timely, life-saving emergency care for the injured. 

The plan also reflects the Stockholm Declaration’s promotion of policies to promote walking, cycling and using public transport as inherently healthy and environmentally sound modes of transport. That declaration came out of the Third Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, held in Sweden in 2020.

“This plan is built on taking a “Safe Systems Approach’,“ explains Pamela Fuselli, President and CEO of Parachute, Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention. “It’s about improving road safety by acknowledging that humans will make mistakes and errors, so we design our roads, vehicles and all our transportation systems to reduce injury. This approach is at the heart of Vision Zero, the road safety model that has as its ultimate goal the end of deaths on our roads. We can prevent these deaths, if we commit to this kind of action.”

Parachute and CARSP strongly support speed reduction as a key factor in reducing road deaths and serious injuries over the next decade. 

“Managing speed on all roads is critical to the effective implementation of the Safe System Approach,” says Brenda Suggett, Executive Director of CARSP. “In densely populated urban areas, there is strong evidence that even the best road and vehicle design features cannot prevent severe outcomes when speeds are above 30 km/h. In urban areas where there is a strong presence of cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h should be implemented.”

Progress made during the previous Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011 to 2020) has laid the foundation for accelerated action in the years ahead. Some of the achievements of the past 10 years include:

  • the inclusion of road safety on the global health and development agenda;
  • broad dissemination of scientific guidance on what works to improve road safety;
  • strengthening of partnerships and networks;
  • mobilizing resources. 

Desjardins Group has been a long-time supporter of Parachute’s work in road safety and Vision Zero. 

“Keeping people safe on roads is a shared responsibility, which is why Desjardins is so proud to continue to work alongside our partners to improve road safety and help prevent the needless loss of life,” said Valérie Lavoie, President and Chief Operating Officer, Desjardins General Insurance Group. “Distracted driving is one of the biggest risk factors for drivers and all road users. Injuries and fatalities caused by driving distracted can be prevented if drivers stay focused and alert while on the roads. We will continue to support our partners throughout the next Decade of Action for Road Safety and invest in campaigns for road users to help reduce the risks of the road.”


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About the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP)
CARSP is a national organization with over 400 members, dedicated to enhancing road safety at home and abroad. CARSP supports Canada’s road safety community by providing access to multi-disciplinary information, research and networking opportunities. CARSP is a diverse group of professionals involved in the research, management, delivery and promotion of road safety programs. For more information, visit us at and follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

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