Parachute brings our expertise in injury prevention, communication, curriculum development, program management, creative services and education to governments, organizations and companies looking to create resources and programs to prevent injuries and save lives.

Our team of experts can work with you to ensure your project is grounded in evidence-based information and designed to effectively communicate, promote, and teach about injury prevention.

Our topic areas of expertise include:

  • fall prevention
  • road safety (motor vehicle collisions)
  • concussion prevention, recognition and management (sports and recreation )
  • poison prevention
  • home safety

Our services expertise includes:

  • Expert review of publications, resources and tools
  • Content development, design and translation of resources
  • Customized development e-learning modules and courses
  • Delivery of customized presentations and workshops
  • Development and review of concussion policies and protocols
  • Keynote and plenary speaking

To inquire about how we can support your project, please contact Harvey Glower at

Examples of our work

Government of Ontario

Rowan’s Law Concussion Awareness Resources

Ontario passed Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety) in 2018, making it the only province in Canada with concussion legislation. In 2019, the Ontario Government, through its Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, hired Parachute to create the Rowan’s Law Concussion Awareness Resources to be used by all sport organizations in the province. We led the researching, writing, scripting, design and accessibility remediation for:

  • Three e-booklets, geared to children 10 and under, youth 11 to 14 and those 15 years of age and older, each produced in English, French and 17 other languages, for a total of 57 resources.
  • Three animated white board videos, geared to children 10 and under, youth 11 to 14, and those 15 years of age and older, each produced in English and French, for a total of six resources
  • Interactive learning e-modules about concussion, one in English and one in French.

In addition, Parachute developed and designed, in English and French:

  • Sample Concussion Code of Conduct for Coaches & Team Trainers
  • Sample Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes & Parents/Guardians
  • Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport protocol templates

Review the full suite of resources by following the link in the Resources section, below.

Transport Canada

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Safety Resources Repository

In 2018, after two years of study and consultation, Canada’s Ministers of Transportation published a summary report: Safety Measures for Cyclists and Pedestrians Around Heavy Vehicles.

As a follow-up to that report, the Council of Ministers approved the development of a central repository to provide data, lessons learned and potential solutions for jurisdictions and safety stakeholders when considering their unique safety challenges.

As a result, in 2021, Transport Canada partnered with Parachute to produce a series of web pages, housed within the Vision Zero collection of, providing information on recent and/or innovative urban road safety initiatives designed to protect vulnerable road users in Canada. First published in January 2022, these are living pages, updated regularly with new initiatives and findings as they become available.

Review the Vulnerable Road User Safety Resources Repository.

Canadian Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicology

Poison prevention leaders meeting under the auspices of the Toxicovigilance Canada network identified the need for a central, public-facing website to be the national information site to support Canada’s five poison centres.

Parachute led the process to redevelop the website that used to host resources for the Canadian Association of Poison Control Centres –  – to create the new in 2021. At the same time as the new website was being developed, the association changed its name to the Canadian Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicology., built in English and French in responsive design, provides essential information about poison response to members of the public on its homepage. It also provides a home for the Association’s materials, a timeline about poison prevention efforts in Canada, information about each of Canada’s five poison centres, information for health professionals on items such as reporting and training, and selected poison prevention resources.

Parachute managed the project, leading the writing, editing as well as the resource and translation review, working with an external web developer and designer to create a new look and feel, information architecture and site organization. Parachute continues to maintain and update the site on behalf of the Association.

Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

In 2022, Parachute staff conducted and wrote up interviews with cycling advocates from across Europe and Latin America for the alliance’s Safer Cycling Advocate Program: Experiences and Inspiration.

The publication uses case studies from six European and three Latin American countries to demonstrate how and why advocating for safe cycling can contribute toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to reduce road deaths and injuries by 50 per cent by 2030 and support other SDG targets. It offers lessons learned to inspire road safety and other NGOs to kick off or strengthen cycling advocacy in their own cities and countries.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Teen driver safety curriculum

In 2019, the RCMP hired Parachute to create a Drug Impaired Driving Lesson Plan for secondary school students that focused on harm reduction, and the legal and social implications of drug-impaired driving. These lessons are part of the RCMP’s resources developed under its Centre for Youth Crime Prevention. The lesson plans cover:

  • Drug-impaired Driving Overview
  • Preventing Drug-impaired Driving
  • Drug-impaired Driving: Youth Engagement

Skate Canada

Customized ConcussionEd App

In 2016, Parachute developed the Concussion Ed app to provide information about concussion prevention, recognition and management. This app was updated and upgraded in 2019.

Skate Canada commissioned Parachute to create a figure skating-specific version of the updated Concussion Ed app for use by Skate Canada members.

The app has been redesigned in Skate Canada branding and offers concussion information and examples reviewed by Parachute’s experts to be most relevant to the 180,000 individual members, 5,800 coaches and 1,000 skating clubs and schools that operate under the Skate Canada umbrella.

The Skate Canada Concussion Ed App is available for free in English and French through the App StoreGoogle Play and available via a web-based version for Window users.