Do you want to help your friends be safer on the road? Do you want to learn new skills and gain new experiences that will be helpful for job and school applications? Do you want to meet like-minded youth across Canada? Apply for Parachute’s Canadian Youth Road Safety Council now! 

DEADLINE: July 5, 2024 (if you are unable to meet this deadline, please contact Asma at

About the Canadian Youth Road Safety Council

The Canadian Youth Road Safety Council engages and integrates youth voices and expertise into Parachute’s youth-focused road safety programs. We are looking for Canadian residents ages 15 to 24: your participation is essential and necessary to ensure the quality and value of Parachute’s road safety programs focused on youth, and, ultimately, improve the health of young Canadians. The council is a commitment to ensure that programs are designed, implemented, and evaluated with and for youth.

As part of the council, you are the expert, and your responsibilities include:

  • Telling us of the important issues and trends that impact youth.
  • Helping us make sure that our road safety programs are relevant to you and your peers.
  • Helping us figure out gaps, barriers, and solutions in current road safety programs.
  • Advising us on youth recruitment and engagement strategies for road safety programs. 
  • Helping us engage youth across Canada in road safety program activities.
  • Participating in advocacy activities as it relates to road safety and other youth issues.

This is a voluntary role, but council members will receive a $500 yearly honorarium.

Benefits to youth council members:

Council members will strengthen Parachute’s road safety programs through their leadership and input, but you also get many benefits by being a part of the council, including:

  • An honorarium of $500: $250 after completing the first six months of a term and another $250 upon completing the one-year term.
  • A reference letter on completing your one-year term.
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills in an advisory capacity role.
  • Mentorship from Parachute staff.
  • Exposure to and experience with public health, health promotion and injury prevention activities.
  • Enhanced professional and personal development through participation in council activities.
  • Contributing your skills and expertise to directly make Canada a safer place for youth.
  • Being part of a network of social support with like-minded peers who are similar in age.


We need your help to make our youth road safety programs better than ever. Parachute seeks to establish a diverse and inclusive council with youth across all genders, ethnicities, regions, abilities, and identities. Eligible members must be:

  • Canadian residents between the ages of 15 and 24 (at the time of application).
  • Able to commit to a minimum of a one-year term (July 2024 to July 2025) with the possibility of extension.
  • Able to contribute three to five hours per month to council work, including attending monthly meetings via Zoom, whether video or phone-in.

To apply, please complete the application form below. All applicants will receive information on their application status by the end of July.

Canadian Youth Road Safety Council

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For further information on this award, please contact Asma at or 647-776-5110.