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Parachute and Aviva are teaming up on Elementary Road Safety to empower Canadian schools and communities to identify and address risks to children travelling to and from school. We are working at a community level to improve knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours of drivers and pedestrians through changes to infrastructure, legislation and enforcement by assessing the risks, facilitating community engagement with key stakeholders to identify and determine appropriate structural interventions.

Aviva is on a mission to make Canadian roads and school zones safer for all through its Take Back Our Roads initiative. Aviva is committed to leveraging its resources, partnerships, investments, time, data and people’s expertise to improve road safety through a solutions-oriented approach.

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We are proud to partner with Parachute on the Elementary Road Safety program that will improve safe transportation of children to and from school. We strongly believe that this program will serve as an inspiration for other schools, governments and organizations working to improve school zone safety.”

Catherine Brown, VP, Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility